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MSU Start-up 3DFoundri Secures $100,000 Funding in Latest Investment Round

Published On: November 30, 2020

[EAST LANSING, Michigan] 3DFoundri, Inc., a high-tech startup in Michigan’s Capitol Region, is pleased to announce that the company has secured a combined $100,000 in funding from Red Cedar Ventures (a subsidiary of Michigan State University Foundation) and one of the company’s co-founder investors. They have raised a total of $160K in funding to date.

3DFoundri is using the investment to drive experiments in MAF polishing at the headquarters in the Van Camp Incubator Center + Research Labs in East Lansing, Michigan. 3DFoundri has already demonstrated ultra-polishing of steel and is now beginning the initial working on MAF grinding to remove fine machining lines in the CNC process. The end result will be a technology that could greatly reduce metal mold polishing times and improve manufacturing efficiency for the automotive and other Michigan industries.

“This is an exciting time for us to have such early support from investors to advance this concept toward a fully validated technology,” said Ken Foster, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO/president of 3DFoundri. “We have some key projects to validate our value proposition and put the slurry on a firm manufacturable footprint. We have strong hopes to commercialize aspects of this technology by late 2021.”

About 3Foundri

3DFoundri was formed in 2020 by MSU Professors Haseung Chung, Patrick Kwon and industry veteran Ken Foster to create a commercial source of high-performance magnetic field assist slurry for ultra-polishing all sorts of metals, including injection mold graded steel. Its base technology is patent pending through work done at MSU, and 3DFoundri has the taken the option to commercialize it. Dr. Foster serves as the company’s CEO & President while Professors Kwon and Chung serve as co-founders and technical advisors to the team at 3DFoundri.

For more information, please contact:
Ken Foster, Ph.D.
CEO & President
3DFoundri, Inc.
E-mail: ken.foster@3DFoundri.com
Phone: 1-810-220-9414

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