Automated Metal Polishing

3DFoundri is using initial investment to drive experiments in MAF polishing at its headquarters in the Van Camp Incubator Center + Research Labs in East Lansing, Michigan. 3DFoundri has already demonstrated ultra-polishing of steel and is now working on MAF grinding to remove fine machining lines in the CNC process. This technology will help to improve manufacturing efficiency in the area of metal polishing for automotive and other applications.

Image owned and used with permission by UltraPolishing of Elgin, Illinois


Detailed MAF (Magnetic-Field Assisted Finishing)

Brush behavior of the slurry while under magnetic force allows faster 3D-surface polishing.

Using 3DFoundri’s proprietary MAF polishing technology, <2 min polished from 200 nm to 30nm Ra (mirror-like).

Our proprietary MAF ultra-polishing technology saves tool manufacturers time and money:

Reduces manufacturing costs by more than 20%
Reduces polishing time of molds by more than 50%

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