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Winston Wei Hired as Project Engineer by 3DFoundri

Published On: May 13, 2021

[EAST LANSING, Michigan] 3DFoundri, a high-tech startup in Michigan’s Capitol Region, is pleased to announce the hiring of Winston Wei this month as a full-time Project Engineer dedicated to the MAF and 3D metal printing projects at 3DFoundri.

Winston graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Eastern Michigan University this year. Before working at 3DFoundri, he worked in the automotive industry for three summers as an intern in Materials and Research Engineering and in Materials and Benchmarking Engineering. Outside of school and work, he has a devoted interest in robotics. He participated in FIRST Robotics in high school for three years and he has mentored his alma mater for the past three years. Winston has always been an advocate for community service, and he cleaned up local parks and volunteered at STEM events, accumulating around 500 hours a year. This past summer, he spent well over 400 hours on 3D-printing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for local hospitals and businesses to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is an exciting time for us to be adding talented, full-time resources like Winston to our team to help commercialize key aspects of our technology by late 2021,” said Ken Foster, CEO of 3DFoundri. “Besides Winston’s strong technical skills, he brings an amazing amount of innovation talent to projects. His long experience in robotics has really primed him to execute on seemingly impossible tasks with innovation and confidence. We are lucky to have him as one of our early hires, and we are looking forward to all of his contributions.”
About 3Foundri

3DFoundri was formed in 2020 by MSU Professors Haseung Chung, Patrick Kwon and industry veteran Ken Foster, Ph.D., to create a commercial source of high-performance magnetic field assist slurry for ultra-polishing all sorts of metals, including injection mold graded steel. Its base technology is patent pending through work done at MSU, and 3DFoundri has the taken the option to commercialize it. Dr. Foster serves as the company’s CEO and president while Professors Kwon and Chung serve as co-founders and technical advisors to the team at 3DFoundri.

For more information, please contact:
Ken Foster, Ph.D. E-mail: ken.foster@3DFoundri.com
CEO & President Phone: 1-810-220-9414
3DFoundri, Inc.

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